Are you thinking of buying property? We’ll give you all the market intelligence you need.

What to think about

It doesn't matter if you're looking to purchase your first investment property or expanding your existing property portfolio. If you are buying an investment property, you will need to consider:

  • What’s the right location to invest?
  • What type of property meets your objectives?
  • How much is a property worth?

To answer these questions, you need independent market intelligence and data.

Big data that’s not just for big investors

Currently investors go through an antiquated system when they buy investment property. Property agents promote real estate through international property exhibtions and marketing events.

Promoting real estate developments at property exhibitions was an effective way to generate awareness and sell property in the 2000’s. At that time, appreciation of offshore investment was relatively low and technology was not available to facilitate real estate transactions.

What do you get?

At MyPropTech, we provide our members with postcode level data that covers Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Economic Data

Economic data to understand incomes and local area economics

Demographic Data

Demographic data to understand what type of people live in the local area and the demographic profile of likely tenants.

Sales Data

Real-time sales data to understand capital growth trends and how much similar properties have sold for.

Rental Data

Rental data to show how much properties are renting for.

We're just getting started

We're just getting started on our mission to bring greater transparency and fairness to the real estate investment market. Our development teams are working hard to obtain more high-quality data and develop new tools to help investors make better investment decisions.