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MyPropTech helps you make smarter property investment decisions backed by real-time data and dynamic pricing models.

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Decades of experience working with developers and investors mean that we can build a platform optimised for you with access to the features you need to make decisions.

Property search

Best-in-class search tools and filtering help you find the developments you’re interested with laser-focused accuracy.

Investment Analysis

Analytics tools built-in so you can make data-driven investment decisions on only the properties that fit your portfolio.

Financial Modelling

Build financial models around specific investments to forecast your returns and build a portfolio that works for you.

Dynamic Pricing

We’ve working hand-in-hand with property developers to bring our proprietary dynamic pricing technology to our members.

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How does Dynamic Pricing work?

Create economies of scale where both developers and purchasers benefit.
We agree a discounting model based on a volume of sales.

The Power behind your Portfolio

We believe that smart investors should have access to all the information and tools to make wise property investments. We’ve built a platform that puts all that information and analysis within easy reach.

How do I know if I am getting the best deal on MyPropTech?
MyPropTech Dynamic Pricing™ is designed specifically for investors – we create win:win outcomes for both investors and developers. By eliminating the cost of property exhibitions and providing the certainty of a minimum number of sales, developers are willing to sell property to our members at discounts that would not be financially viable if they sold at a property exhibition. MyPropTech members will always purchase below the developers’ Retail Price. Members will only purchase a property if the Dynamic Price is equal to or less than the Strike Price. If the property doesn’t reach the Strike Price, the sale will not proceed.

Do I get a better discount if I reserve more than one unit?
Yes! With MyPropTech Dynamic Pricing™, the more properties that are sold; the bigger the discount becomes for every property - even for those that have already been reserved!

How is MyPropTech different from other property portals?
We believe investors should have access to all the information and tools to make wise property investments. We’ve built a platform that puts all that information and analysis tools within easy reach. We provide our members with access to independent market intelligence, detailed financial modelling, and the ability to purchase property via the MyPropTech Dynamic Pricing™ algorithm. So now any investor can analyse like a pro, which means you can invest better, and prosper faster. MyPropTech - Analyse, Invest, Prosper.

What types of properties are available on MyPropTech?
We sell off-plan property from developers in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. At MyPropTech we only sell off-plan property because these provide the best investment options. Not only are they more advantageous from a tax perspective, but with new-build property investors have more leverage when negotiating. Developers need to sell property off-plan to get funding for building developments. Our platform takes this one step further by aggregating investors together to create even more buying power. Only developers who agree to the MyPropTech Dynamic Pricing™ structure are listed on our platform with MyPropTech Dynamic Pricing™, ensuring we offer our members exceptional deals for investment.

Can I use the Property Analyser on any property?
Yes! You can use the MyPropTech Property Analyser on any property in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom. Whether you’re at a property exhibition, at a new development launch or browsing for property at home, you can use the MyPropTech Property Analyser to calculate a property’s expected performance. The result? You make informed investment decisions for a sound financial future.

How do I know your research is independent? Where do you get it from?
We source independent economic, demographic, and real estate market data, from some of the world’s largest data providers. We then display this information at a postcode level for our members. This is the same information which most institutional investors use for their investment decisions. Our demographic and economic data comes from Office for National Statistics, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Stats New Zealand together with many other institutional data sources. Our real estate market data comes from Core Logic and Property Data. Our objective is to provide our members with as much independent information as we possibly can. We believe the more information which investors have the better the decisions they can make.

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